Compliance & Governance

Corporate Governance

The Board of Wise Group Solutions Pty Ltd (“Wise Group”) are committed to the highest level of governance and endeavour to cultivate a culture that values high ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity and individual respect.

Functions of the Board

The function of the Board is to approve the strategic direction of the Group, guide and observe the management of Wise Group and its businesses in achieving its strategic plans, and administer superior governance practice. Wise Group’s Board responsibilities include: strategic direction approval; financial reporting oversight and approval; ensuring accountability, probity and transparency via appropriate systems and processes; audit and risk oversight; and delegation of authority policy approval.

Functions of Management

The Wise Group Managing Director has responsibility for the management of Wise Group and its businesses, and is supported in this role by the executive team. The Board possesses ultimate accountability for strategy and control of Wise Group and its businesses.

Licensing & Memberships

Wise Group and its subsidiaries maintain full licenses to conduct business throughout Australia, with all staff and contractors appropriately licensed as required by each state.

All personnel are fully trained in all aspects of legal and regulatory compliance, and are provided with easy access to compliance documentation.

Wise Group is involved in the ongoing development of the industries in which it operates, through our participation in select industry governing bodies and professional associations such as:

Wise Group Licence INFORMATION:

Wise Group Risk Solutions Pty Ltd

  • NSW Security Master Licence No: 000105487
  • NSW CAPI Master Licence No: 411157889
  • QLD Security Firm Licence No: 4487135
  • SA Security Agents Licence No: ISL 310678
  • ACT Security Master Licence No: 17502772
  • VIC Private Security Business Registration: Z00-078-10S
  • VIC Private Security Business Licence: Z00-078-31S

Wise Group Business Solutions Pty Ltd

  • NSW CAPI Master Licence No: 409857341

Standards & Business Ethics

Wise Group and its subsidiaries are committed to high ethical standards in our business dealings, to ensure the integrity of our employees and our organisation.

Our Corporate Governance includes an established Code of Ethics which outlines our expectations with respect to employee and sub-contractor behaviour. Strict adherence to the Code and supporting policies is a condition of all employment and/or sub-contractor agreements, and any material breaches of this framework would result in disciplinary action and where appropriate, criminal proceedings.

All personnel and sub-contractors act with maximum integrity and impartiality. Compliance with our Standards and Code of Ethics is maintained via a regular audit process.

Training & Development

Wise Group is a people-centric learning organisation, who recognises the value of our most important asset, our people.

As a result, we place significant emphasis on specialised training and ongoing learning and development in the workplace.

Our comprehensive range of formal learning programs, include degree qualifications, leadership development and front-line management programs, operational excellence, general induction and ongoing training, site and client specific training, customer service training and a range of other tailored programs.

Wise Group is committed the continuing investment in our people. We understand that as a business we are only as strong as our weakest link and that service excellence and innovation are directly related to a professional, skilled and engaged workforce.

Quality Management

We provide our clients with the confidence of partnering with an industry compliant, reputable and professional company underpinned by a system of internal controls.

Wise Group's and its subsidiary companies maintain adherence to strict quality management standards. Wise McGrath is certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Standards for the provision of Process Serving, Repossessions, Field Operations, Investigative Services and Debt Collection Services.

Tangible benefits of our commitment to quality management include:

  • A detailed legal and regulatory compliance framework
  • Professional and ethical work practices
  • A robust operational platform
  • Adherence to established industry standards and best practices
  • A pro-active system of risk management policies
  • An effective customer service program
  • An efficient complaints handling mechanism.

Information Security

Wise Group is an industry leader in relation to information security management and data protection.  The organisation’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) is certified to ISO27001:2013 standards through Bureau Veritas.

Feedback & Complaints

Wise Group and its subsidiaries adhere to a strict complaints handling procedure, designed to ensure that all complaints are correctly identified across the organisation and escalated where necessary.

The purpose of the procedure is to:

  • Act as a guideline to ensure that complaints made by clients, customers, consumers and colleagues are correctly identified and escalated to the Risk & Compliance Team for investigation and resolution;
  • Ensure that Operational Principles are consistently and effectively applied and that all employees understand and comply with Wise Group’s employee expectations in the performance of their duties; and
  • Ensure Wise Group and its subsidiaries adhere to applicable state and federal legislation, and Industry Codes of Conduct.

Feedback and Complaints

Head of Business Services & Compliance
Wise Group
PO Box 94
Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Phone: 1300 226 227 (local call)

Fax: 1300 226 228 (local call)


We intend to reach a satisfactory outcome and we will do our best to promptly address your complaint. If your complaint relates to a credit matter and following communication with our Compliance Team, you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you can contact the Australian Financial Complaints Authority for an independent review of your complaint.