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Process Serving

Using an advanced information technology platform the Wise McGrath Process Serving division is able to monitor and manage each assignment to ensure speed and professionalism.

A highly experienced network of local, national and international agents strictly adhere to internal quality control systems, ensuring effective service in each jurisdiction, in accordance with applicable regulations, detailed reporting and correctly prepared affidavits.

Field Calls

With a national network of experienced field agents Wise McGrath are able to quickly and effectively assess an individual’s circumstances and the potential for debt and asset recovery.

Field agents are also able to verify essential information such as residence, employment, assets, liabilities, insurance, the customers’ overall financial position, conduct field interviews and pre-disconnection discussions.

Reposession Services

Wise Group's Recoveries division is a market leader in the provision of equipment, motor vehicle, real property and other asset retrieval and repossession services to the financial services and collections/debt purchase sectors.  Through the accumulation of vast experience, comprehensive training, and an up-to-date and thorough understanding of the latest regulatory guidelines and legislation, Wise Group takes on the most challenging of asset recovery assignments.

By fully preparing a repossession strategy based on detailed investigation, client instructions, compliance requirements and adherence to best practice guidelines, Wise Group ensures that agents in the field are fully prepared and there is the maximum opportunity for recovery success.

Skip Location Services

As a market leader in the provision of skip tracing and location services Wise McGrath is able to operate throughout Australia and overseas as a single source provider to their clients, delivering services ranging from basic searches to premium investigation services.

The company’s specialised staff have advanced inquiry, analytical, compliance and communicative skills and use sophisticated techniques and technology to leverage multiple, legally accessible data sources in order to locate hard to find persons and assets quickly and efficiently.

Examination Hearings

Maintaining and managing a national network of professional staff that are trained in effective, personal communication techniques ensures that when interviewing a customer, they are more likely to achieve a beneficial outcome.

These examinations provide a detailed view of a customer’s financial position and are conducted in accordance with strict regulatory and internal compliance guidelines.

Settlement Services

Wise Group’s experienced agents regularly attend to settlements, stamping and registration on our clients’ behalf, ensuring that all aspects of the process proceed effectively.

Our knowledgeable clerks attend to all secondary actions (e.g. cheque collection, bank deposits) quickly and efficiently. In-house Wise Group agents, are able to facilitate settlement bookings and attendances across all jurisdictions, via our extensive national network.

Court & Tribunal Filing

The Wise McGrath Court Filing team is a national network, experienced in the efficient, accurate and timely verification and lodgement of court documents.

Our understanding of the requirements of courts around the country ensures effective delivery of this vital service.

Field Audit & Verification Services

This highly tailored service can provide wholesale (inventory) finance and floor plan auditing, payment device distribution, pre-contract/delivery and periodic asset and party/merchant verification.

Comprehensive reports and photographic schedules are provided and contribute to a tailored service, designed to reduce exposure to fraudulent activities.