Audit & Assessment

Wise Group deliver a range of assessment and planning services from reviewing existing IT security processes, procedures and culture, through to IT systems, physical infrastructure and network.

We assist clients to identify potential vulnerabilities and implement sound data breach prevention practices for effectively securing sensitive information.

Audit and Assessment services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Control Systems Assessment
  • Penetration Testing


Wise Group facilitate high-level gap assessments for the purpose of identifying opportunities for improvement when benchmarked against industry standards.

Compliance assessment against industry standards services include:

  • ISO27001 & 27002
  • SANS Critical Security Controls
  • ISM (Information Security Manual)

Business Continuity Planning

Wise Group’s cyber security experts specialise in the integration of cyber security and business continuity planning into the one program.

When a data security breach occurs, various departments are required to come together to deliver a coordinated response to the crisis, under the guide of an integrated business continuity plan.

Incident Response

Our cyber experts can you assist in developing an incident response plan to respond to any data breach or security incident.

Fast response to a cyber emergency is essential to the ongoing, efficient operation of your business and maintaining client confidence. Talk to us about your incident response plan.

Cyber Security Training

An integrated and essential component to any risk management plan is making sure that your staff understand the cyber risk environment and have effective training in the delivery of your ongoing management and delivery of your incident response plan

Contact Wise Group to discuss your potential cyber risk and let us help you to instigate a cyber risk strategy.