Investigation & Screening

Business Intelligence & Investigation

Wise McGrath's business intelligence services are delivered to a wide range of clients, across diverse markets.

Our comprehensive due diligence processes, conducted via a combination of primary source research, detailed analysis and extensive investigation, provide clients with invaluable insight into existing and potential operational and investment risk issues.

Wise McGrath offers a broad range of specialist business intelligence services designed to meet a client's precise needs.



Effective surveillance can be a powerful tool in obtaining critical information.

Wise McGrath provides professional and discreet surveillance services in support of investigations, across Australia and abroad. Our investigators possess significant expertise in the area of discrete video surveillance and conduct all activities to the highest of ethical standards.

Our surveillance teams regularly conduct assignments across a wide range of matters including:

  • Theft of commercial assets, goods and intellectual property
  • Personal injury claims
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Breaches of contract and non-compete clauses
  • Debt Recovery
  • Unethical activity by competitors, employees and ex-employees
  • Loss Prevention
  • Tracing missing persons, witnesses and defendants

Factual Insurance Investigation

Our qualified, experienced investigative team regularly assists organisations to efficiently resolve insurance related issues ranging from fraud and theft to workers compensation and public liability actions.

Our team obtains statements and extracts from official records, and undertakes photography, surveillance and detailed investigative work. We provide surveillance reports and assessments of supporting evidence and information gathered.

The Wise McGrath team prepares detailed, often complex briefs of evidence for use across all Court jurisdictions and Commissions in relation to a broad range of claims including marine, medical and professional negligence, product liability, public liability, personal disability and income protection, rural accident, recovery claims and workers compensation including, harassment, occupational stress and dust diseases claims.

Internal / Disciplinary Investigation

Our investigative team regularly assists our clients to efficiently resolve internal investigation or disciplinary matters which may involve fraud, theft, dishonesty or criminal activity.

We undertake investigations and prepare briefs of evidence for law enforcement bodies and industrial relations hearings.

Wise McGrath also conducts internal/ disciplinary investigations on behalf of public and private sector organisations. We maintain strict adherence to all relevant corporate, legal and regulatory guidelines relating to the conduct of internal investigations, including natural justice principles, confidentiality, rules of evidence and standards of proof, legal and policy compliance, and health and safety regulations.

Fraud & Corruption Inquiries

Wise McGrath brings considerable expertise in both internal investigations and handling fraud and corruption cases across all sectors.

Our investigators are experienced in handling fraud and corruption cases objectively and discreetly to mitigate further risk to your organisation.

With more than 35 years' experience we assist clients through all the stages of an investigation process to reach an effective outcome. Via our investigative network, Wise McGrath can access a wide range of sources that may not be available internally, such as past employees, competitors and other relevant parties.

Wise McGrath provide assistance and advice on a number of fraud issues including, minimisation of fraud and its impact on an agency, promotion of fraud detection, awareness and prevention, detection and investigation of alleged fraud, prosecution, disciplinary or administrative processes and liaison and coordination of matters referred to other agencies.

Special Investigation Services

Wise McGrath provide specialised and discreet professional standards, child protection, misconduct and historical abuse claims investigation services.

We offer investigations and risk assessments for a range of clients and market segments, such as:

  • Government agencies
  • Not-for-profit agencies
  • Non-Government school sector
  • Child care and aged care providers
  • Commercial employers

Such work requires specific expertise, is highly-sensitive and challenging and subsequently, we recognise that a traditional commercial approach is not appropriate. As such, all investigators and risk consultants are rigorously vetted and possess experience and capabilities suited to the nature of the assignment.

Litigation Support

Wise McGrath deliver a wide range of reliable, confidential litigation support services including , pre-trial investigation, statement taking, assessment of expert witnesses and judgment asset tracing.

Many of Australia’s leading law firms and in-house corporate legal departments retain our services to garner supporting evidence through investigation, surveillance and interviews.

Our investigators are experienced in litigation support techniques, and the provision of credible, expert testimony. Via our extensive professional network, Wise McGrath can access a wide range of specialist services including accounting, documentary and information technology forensic examination services.

Skip Tracing / Location Services

Wise McGrath is a market leader in the provision of skip tracing / location services.

We are a single source provider, operating locally, nationally and internationally to deliver a range of skip tracing service alternatives, from basic searches and inquiries through to premium investigative services.

Our specialised staff possess advanced inquiry, analytical and communicative skills, and use advanced technologies and multiple legally accessible data sources to locate missing and hard to find persons and assets quickly and efficiently.

Our trained investigators are skilled at tracking an individual’s movements and conducting inquiries while remaining compliant with all applicable legislative requirements and regulatory guidelines.

Our comprehensive training curriculum incorporates compliance, communication and technical training to ensure that our specialised personnel maximise location rates and provide accurate, factual based deduction.

Pre-Employment Screening

Vetting of potential employees is critical to fraud prevention and risk mitigation.

Pre-employment screening of potential personnel can assist in protecting the integrity of an organisation by reducing losses due to issues such as fraud, theft, industrial sabotage, information leakage, staff turnover, absenteeism, poor performance and employee drug abuse.  

Wise McGrath pre-employment screening provides clients with information designed to assist in determining the employment suitability of an applicant and is an essential tool in maintaining the security and integrity of an organisation. The information gathered may include criminal history, education and employment verification, credit reporting, reference verification, address and professional license verifications and media coverage.

All Wise McGrath pre-employment screening processes comply with relevant legal and regulatory guidelines, including the Privacy Act 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles.