Security & Safety Technology

Wise Group delivers a range of integrated, end to end electronic security solutions. We take a holistic approach to delivering complete solutions designed to reduce cost, minimise risk and optimise protection for people, property and assets.

We utilise electronic products and systems from world-leading vendors, integrating 'off the shelf' products to create customised security solutions. Additionally, we are able to support existing products on a stand-alone basis or deliver upgrades to protect an existing investment.

Integrated Systems

Creating an integrated solution maximises your investment and allows increased control.

The latest in integrated technologies makes it possible to combine CCTV, access control, alarm, audio visual and data communications to provide you with the necessary information and security to control your business.

Today, CCTV technology allows analytics to count, measure and analyse real-time motion, enabling people counting, heat mapping of movement hot spots, flow direction identification and number plate recognition. These features help clients to assess their daily operations. Access control (electronic door control) can be integrated with your CCTV to provide visual verification at the access points of your business.

Remote viewing and monitoring, loss prevention, process optimisation and statistical behaviour measurement are features that improve productivity and reduce costs – saving you money.

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CCTV & Video System

CCTV surveillance is now a component of many business risk systems, used not only to combat security issues but also to enhance workplace health and safety for site staff and visitors.

CCTV surveillance is a valuable tool to deter criminal activity; advances in technology mean that modern CCTV systems are able to combine large panoramic views over floors, large reception areas or site perimeters, as well as providing a tool for face recognition and number plate identification or verification.

CCTV systems monitor people and plant equipment on satellite sites via live networks, enabling your head office or security guard house to safeguard and verify security or workplace health and safety incidents in real time.

Wise Group uses the latest in CCTV technology, from leading brands and are suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor commercial environments.

Security cameras can serve as virtual guards over busy areas such as loading zones, service lifts and kitchens without imposing physical restrictions on the movement of employees, keeping your business safe and productive.

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Thermal Temperature Detection

With advanced detectors and algorithms, Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures, and can thus be used for rapid and preliminary temperature screening in office buildings, factories, stations, airports and other public places, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.

  • One second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person
  • Multi-person detection simultaneously
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
  • Immediately alarming to notify operators
  • AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources

According to the World Health Organization, fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. This makes rapid identification of fever through screening efforts and fever-screening devices an effective part of your business operations.

For use across a range of industry applications, keep your staff and visitors safe by assessing their temperature as they enter the workplace and reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 within your organisation.

In addition to thermal temperature screening, we can also assist with:

  • Social distancing monitoring solutions
  • Customer Service, Screening and Social Distancing Officers
  • No touch access control systems and door releases
  • Hand sanitiser stations
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Access Control

Access control systems allow easy card access for staff, contractors or visitors. Unlike conventional keys, access control means access can be granted to specified users and restrictions can be placed on certain areas or aspects of your business.

Wise Group is an accredited dealer and registered partner of CCTV and Access Control systems provided by companies including Lenel, Bosch, Inner Range, Mobotix, Pacom and Tecom Challenger. We have Inner Range Advanced Technician accreditation and are Tecom Challenger and Forcefield certified.

We provide intelligent security management systems capable of connecting hundreds of physical sites into a centralised security system, managed remotely. Whether your sites are located in the same city or across the country, creating a centralised system can be as simple as connecting to an available network. Our PC and facility monitoring can also provide notification by phone, SMS or email.

Wise Group offers boom gates, pedestals, bollards and turnstile systems for construction projects and large commercial sites; these systems can stand alone or integrate into a software controlled access system.

We also provide ID and proximity (swipe) card services for all your access requirements. We can design and customise cards to incorporate information including ID photos, company information and telephone numbers. Duress systems can also be incorporated into the cards, so that staff are not required to carry multiple devices.

Today’s access control applications provide companies with unlimited scalability and enable monitoring of single and multiple sites. These systems are easy to integrate into our clients' networks, and our project managers and technicians are experienced in large integration rollouts. By installing robust access control systems, facility managers are able to protect, monitor access and restrict entry to sensitive areas.

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Security Alarm Systems

Wise Group is a leader in providing alarm systems to large, national multi-site commercial properties as well as local retail spaces.

Wise Group's alarm services enable monitoring of business critical systems including access control, fire and smoke alarms, and specialist sensors for monitoring temperature fluctuations in sites where heat or cold could damage equipment or functions. We pride ourselves on delivering intelligent and cost effective solutions using market leading brands.

From large commercial sites, hotel complexes, multiple government agency sites and landfill developments to SME applications and residential solutions, we offer a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of electronic security and applications.

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Alarm & Video Monitoring

Wise Group provides 24/7 security and fire alarm monitoring via a state-of-the art, Grade A1 monitoring centre. Our monitoring and response team can view information transmitted automatically from your premises when an alarm is triggered.

We can then follow your predetermined response plan, or send one of our professional security response vehicles.

When an alarm is activated, a swift and dependable response is essential. Wise Group alarm monitoring provides you with the peace of mind that we are there, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our monitoring centre can also provide reports of alarm activations, noting frequency and identifying areas of your site that may require attention or maintenance to reduce the incidence of false alarms.

Wise Group serves a national portfolio of clients with alarm monitoring services, incorporating a range of alarm systems and formats.

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Alarm Response

When a monitored alarm is activated, response staff will follow a predetermined plan, based on your requirements.

Wise Group mobile response vehicles are linked directly to our Grade A1 monitoring centre. Our licensed security patrol officers will attend your call-out location to inspect the site, disarm the alarm and re-secure your premises.

All patrol vehicles are equipped with primary and redundancy communication systems and a global positioning satellite system (GPS), enabling rapid response and real time electronic monitoring for safety and verification purposes.

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Intercom Systems

Wise Group offers a range of integrated intercom systems designed to provide both ease of use and security.

Our systems are tailored to your business requirements and range from simple door answering systems using audio and or video systems, through to integrated systems installed throughout your business, including stations in reception areas.

Our team of experts includes certified design specialists, installation professionals, experienced service technicians and knowledgeable, customer service representatives. Our team will ensure that your system is tailored to your site and that all necessary training, documentation and support is provided.

Our intercom systems can be tailored to provide small building solutions through to large, multi-level commercial building systems. Wise Group also designs intercom solutions for boom gate entry to commercial and residential car parks, operated by reception or concierge staff.

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Store Intelligence

Wise Group provides retail store intelligence services to retailers and shopping centres to increase revenue and improve profitability by analysing retail site occurrences.

Our store intelligence and performance analytics solutions can assist you in identifying:

  • Queue dwell times and how this impacts your sales
  • Advanced customer counting
  • The effectiveness of your sales team
  • The optimum staff to visitor ratio for your stores
  • Your peak shopping times
  • Where in-store marketing is most effective
  • Which areas in your store are attracting the most customers
  • How new strategies are impacting sales

In addition to sales focused analytics, our retail security solutions include the capability to analyse stock losses, including the type of stock, location and time of the event. Such intelligence is vital to the design and implementation of an effective loss prevention program.

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Construction Solutions

Wise Group delivers a range of security and safety management solutions for the building and construction markets, including nurse call systems, access control, CCTV, alarm systems and asset tracking.

Over years of partnering with many of Australia’s most prominent construction firms Wise Group has developed a range of specialist solutions for the construction market. For example, our nurse call system is a robust, wireless system which is easily expandable as the site stages advance. The system also integrates alarm, smoke detection and access control solutions for deployment to facilities such as site offices, PC storage areas and open site areas. All duress points, alarm sensors and smoke detectors report back to our Grade A1, 24-hour monitoring centre to ensure rapid contact and accurate deployment of site paramedical or security personnel where required.

Wise Group turnstile and gate access systems provide strict ingress and egress control across sites of all sizes and includes real-time muster reporting capability in the event of a site evacuation scenario. Our construction systems also integrate heavy duty evacuation sirens deployed onsite in the event there is a need to clear the entire site.

A wide range of CCTV solutions are available, including wired and wireless systems, self-powered alarm with built-in video verification, intelligent video analytics, thermal intrusion detection and time-lapse video. Our CCTV solutions allow protection for site perimeters along hoardings, site access points for deliveries or personnel entry, high risk areas such as storage areas or to provide a general overview of construction zones. All CCTV systems can be securely viewed remotely.

In addition to the above solutions, Wise Group also offer a comprehensive asset tracking solution with broad application across construction and industrial settings. Asset tracking can assist in monitoring the volume of unplanned purchases relating to materials and assets, reducing the cost of delays caused by assets and materials being missing, reducing the frequency and time taken for stock-takes and the amount of time spent searching for missing items.

Asset tracking system functionality includes heat mapping, geo-fencing, route tracking, searching assets by location, asset user identification, service interval monitoring.  In addition, tracking software interfaces with web, mobile and scanning devices.

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Asset Tracking

Current advances in asset tracking technology allow businesses to track and monitor their asset investments effectively.

Advances in technology are enabling businesses to easily track and monitor where their assets are currently being stored or their current location, if in transit. Bar codes have been in circulation for many years and have been a way of identifying assets. Over the years bar code technology has become far more tamper proof and advanced.

Bar codes must be manually scanned, while radio-frequency identification (RFID) utilises a radio frequency to transmit information. Many RFID tags can now be integrated with GPS and GSM technologies allowing a myriad of applications from duress systems for staff working in the field or travelling abroad to hospital and health care applications.

Wise Group specialises in the design and integration of corporate asset tracking solutions.

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Duress Systems

Duress, hold-up, lone worker and man-down systems are increasingly forming part of many organisations’ duty of care, insurance and WHS considerations and processes.

Wise Group’s range of duress options provide employees and contractors with assurance and protection when working in potentially dangerous environments. Duress systems are utilised across a range of industries, including entertainment, industrial, healthcare and retail.

Duress systems can be integrated into existing security systems for back to base monitoring and CCTV surveillance. Monitoring staff will follow a predetermined process to contact local police or on-site security.

Our duress systems can be customised to a client’s particular environment. Duress buttons can be mounted in a range of locations, or worn as a belt clip, neck lanyard or wristband and can be utilised to protect people who are vulnerable to falls or other medical problems.

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Health & Aged Care Systems

Wise Group offers services to many of the Australia’s largest government and privately operated health and aged care facilities.

Services include integrated security access control, duress alarm and CCTV systems, nurse call and paging systems, perimeter barriers, security risk and safety advice, and specialised security and safety personnel.

Wise Group provide access control solutions that allow staff to restrict access to certain areas of a facility, ensuring facilities operate efficiently, securely and safely.

Access control solutions also provide reporting useful for auditing and monitoring of not only staff movements through a facility but also equipment.

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Data & Voice

Ensuring your business has fast, efficient connectivity is essential, and secure online connections are vital when transmitting information.

Our voice and data services can provide the networking or phone system infrastructure your business requires. We have experience with either wired or wireless connectivity for your company needs.

Wise Group can project manage, provide and install a structured wireless or wired cabling system to maintain stable voice and data systems to your network. Data networks act as the main pathways when it comes to data traffic. Networks are also critical in connecting companies across many sites as well as connecting to external partners and customers, although phone systems are also still a preferred way for customers and clients to interact.

Commercial entities understand the need to install the right communications systems and infrastructure. Wise Group recognises how important this is and provide the experience and knowledge to install wireless, wired and voice systems that will allow for future system enhancements and requirements.

Our technicians can implement cabling systems into many diverse network environments, from local networks through to sophisticated security and surveillance systems.

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Managed Services

Wise Group offer a range of security system management services designed to improve both cost and resource efficiencies for our Clients.

Our holistic approach to electronic security provides our Clients with end-to-end solutions ranging from system integration through to managed services, which in turn allows them to focus their valuable internal resources upon their core business functions.

Our managed services include:

  • Access Cards
  • Photographic ID Cards
  • Maintenance Services
  • System Servicing
  • Monitoring Services
  • Remote Programming
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Security Risk Management

Wise Group will conduct reviews and analysis of events that may compromise assets, operations or staff of an organisation.

Using our wide industry experience and expertise, Wise Group works with clients to address operational and procedure risks and find cost effective solutions.

We offer a range of preventative and reactive services and consultancy to assist businesses and individuals reduce their risk and respond to threats. Our solutions address a wide range of business risks, while improving transparency and decision making processes. Our services include:

  • Security Consulting
  • Security Assessment and Audits
  • Security Design
  • Protective Services
  • Crisis and Critical Incident Management
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response Training
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
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