Recovery Services

Wise Group’s Recovery Services team deliver an innovative range of outsourced asset recovery and receivables management services across the  banking & finance, government, legal, insurance, commercial, utility and debt recovery sectors.

Wise Group is recognised as an industry leader in the provision of specialised recovery solutions designed to meet a client’s specific needs, delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner, whilst maintaining an absolute commitment to regulatory compliance and brand protection.

All recovery and field services are delivered under an overarching principle of respectful, ethical and responsible customer contact.

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Asset Repossession

Through the accumulation of vast experience, comprehensive training, and an up-to-date and thorough understanding of the latest regulatory guidelines and legislation, Wise McGrath takes on the most challenging of asset recovery assignments.

By fully preparing a repossession strategy based on detailed investigation, client instructions, compliance requirements and adherence to best practice guidelines, Wise McGrath ensures that agents in the field are fully prepared and there is the maximum opportunity for recovery success.

Mortgagee Repossession

Wise McGrath operates as an integrated field services management partner for some of the largest financial institutions in Australia, delivering all mortgage related field services.

These services include initial occupancy field calls, document serving, lock change, eviction, supervised access, security, property repair and maintenance and a range of miscellaneous support services.

The team at Wise McGrath are acutely aware of the sensitive nature of mortgagee recovery action and work to ensure customers are treated with compassion throughout the process. Equally, the team work to ensure that the client’s brand and reputation is protected at all times.

Field Calls/Field Collections

With a national network of experienced field agents, Wise McGrath are able to quickly and effectively assess an individual’s circumstances and the potential for debt and asset recovery.

Field agents are also able to verify essential information such as residence, employment, assets, liabilities, insurance, the customers’ overall financial position, conduct field interviews and pre-disconnection discussions.

Skip Asset Tracing

As a market leader in the provision of skip tracing and location services, Wise McGrath is able to operate throughout Australia and overseas as a single source provider to their clients, delivering services ranging from basic searches to premium investigation services.

The company’s specialised staff have advanced inquiry, analytical, compliance and communicative skills and use sophisticated techniques and technology to leverage multiple, legally accessible data sources in order to locate hard to find persons and assets quickly and efficiently.

Asset Remarketing & Sale

Beyond simply repossession, Wise McGrath manages all facets of the asset remarketing strategy via our national network of highly experienced auctioneers and remarketers.

This provides our clients with an end-to-end secured recovery and remarketing solution, ensuring the most efficient use of their resources and best possible return upon repossession activity.

Loss Recovery

A leader in the provision of secured post-charge off loss recovery services, Wise McGrath is ideally placed to assist with the most challenging of secured loss recovery portfolios.

Utilising a dedicated account ownership approach, our experienced skip location and account management representatives employ strategies focused upon manual collection and asset recovery activity. Our experienced negotiators work with customers to recover assets, achieve sustainable payment outcomes or to determine the feasibility of legal recovery action.

Payment Options

Financial Hardship & Assistance

We understand that people’s individual circumstances can change through no fault of their own, which may result in unexpected financial challenges.

We are committed to supporting customers who are experiencing genuine hardship.  Our WiseAssist team are here to assist and will discuss your financial circumstances and options with you.

If you require assistance or wish to discuss your options, please call us on 1300 385 795 or contact us via email at