Social Responsibility

Wise Group is aware of the financial, environmental and social impacts of its decisions and actions and is committed to delivering socially and environmentally responsible service solutions.

Subsequently, we have developed and maintain a corporate social responsibility program with a focus upon three key areas:

  • Our Integrity
  • Our Environment
  • Our Community

Our Integrity

Wise Group maintains a critical role in our society.  Consequently, we ensure that we approach our business operations in a manner which is ethically responsible, compliant, safe and aligned with the company’s values and standards at all times.

The nature and geographical breadth of our operations means that we interact with a multitude of people across a large number of communities on a daily basis. As a result, our aim is to ensure that we make a positive impact on these communities through the manner in which these interactions are undertaken.

Our Environment

Wise Group recognises that its business activities have both a direct and indirect impact on the natural environment and is committed to proactively managing these in a responsible manner.

The organisation maintains a strict environmental management policy in relation to eco-driving, environmental use of products, waste minimisation, communication and supply initiatives, in-house waste and toner recycling and supply chain responsibilities.

All employees receive ongoing education and development in relation to our environmental management policy. We constantly design site specific training and instruction packages that focus on recycling and sustainability solutions and procedures.

Our Community

Wise Group is committed to having a positive impact upon the communities in which we operate, via the effective, yet compassionate manner in which we operate on a daily basis and our ongoing commitment to non-profit organisations.

The company is a regular donor to a number of charitable organisations and supports and encourages employees to become involved in their local community projects.

Supported charities include:

In addition, Wise Group partner with a number of law firms on a pro bono basis, providing legal agency, field and investigative services in relation to matters which support disadvantaged and marginalised individuals.  Such partnerships assist us in effectively contributing to the community, to the benefit of those most vulnerable.